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Factorio Ore Crusher Mod

  • Factorio mod mojoresourceprocessing GitHub

    Factorio Mod Mojoresourceprocessing Github

    Jun 16, 2016 A factorio mod implements a more detailed and harder ore processing mechanism - mojo2012factorio-mojo-resource-processing. ... Ore crusher and pulverizer to process raw ore and stone Process by-products gravel, dirt, slag Removed

  • GitHub TergiverOreEraser Factorio mod that allows you

    Github Tergiveroreeraser Factorio Mod That Allows You

    Mar 03, 2019 A Factorio mod that allows you to remove ore and other resources from the world. Specifically it removes entities defined as type resource. In vanilla Factorio, resources are iron, copper, coal, stone, oil, and uranium. To use it, open the blueprint library and click on the Ore Eraser item. It functions like a Blueprint or Deconstruction ...

  • Factorio Ore Crusher Mod

    Factorio Ore Crusher Mod

    Factorio Ore Crusher Mod. Subsco Machinery is a total solution provider and large exportor for crushing and grinding equipments . With excellent product quality and good after-sales service, it has been highly praised in domestic and overseas markets and won the favor of many customers around the world.

  • Top 12 Best Factorio Mods 2021 Nerd Bear

    Top 12 Best Factorio Mods 2021 Nerd Bear

    Jan 14, 2021 The Warehousing mod, well, lets you make warehouses both 6 6 and 3 3 options are available. Its both a nifty bit of realism most factories have at least one warehouse on hand, after all and a very useful way to keep things from getting cluttered. 12. Honk. With the Honk mod, trains in Factorio, well, honk. Twice means go, once means ...

  • Console Factorio Wiki

    Console Factorio Wiki

    The patch it creates is perfectly square but it randomizes the amount similar to natural generation, with fewer ore at the edges and more ore in the center. The default numbers result in a patch with 2500-3000 ore. If you want a larger patch, change local size 5 to a larger number. A larger patch will have exponentially more ore.

  • Burner mining drill Factorio Wiki

    Burner Mining Drill Factorio Wiki

    The burner mining drill is the first type of drill accessible to the player. It burns fuel to mine the ore underneath the 2 2 area it is placed on.. It mines about 7 items per single unit of coal used to fuel it, producing 0.25 itemss for copper ore, coal, iron ore or stone.Burner miners create a lot of pollution per item.. Burner drills are usually used until the player has built an ...

  • Factorio Cheat Sheet

    Factorio Cheat Sheet

    A compendium of the most common Factorio game facts, such as build ratios, tipstricks, and links to further information.

  • 012xv01212 Bobs Metals Chemicals and

    012xv01212 Bobs Metals Chemicals And

    Oct 18, 2014 Some mods, made by Bob. Basically streaks every Factroio-area. Moderator bobingabout 588 posts Page 6 of 30

  • 015x Autodetecting Ore Crusher Factorio Forums

    015x Autodetecting Ore Crusher Factorio Forums

    Jan 27, 2018 I made a small mod that changes how Ore Crushers work. The Ore Crusher will now accept any ore and crushs it without a recipe that needs to be selected. Known limitations - Coal can now only be crushed in the electrical Ore Crushers. - Its missing a proper dependency on petro chem will be fixed tomorrow eve GIF.

  • Feedback Factorio Forums

    Feedback Factorio Forums

    Nov 16, 2017 Playing with Bobs, Angels and LTN mods I kind of find the ore crusher and ore sorting to be to fast. I have a train station unloading ores, then 4 ore curshers and then a train station again. The 4 ore crushers already consumeproduce 2 full yellow belts. In

  • 10 Sea Block Pack 0410 Factorio Forums

    10 Sea Block Pack 0410 Factorio Forums

    Aug 18, 2020 Im curious on what build order people have for this mod, given the large constraints on ore income and power efficiency. In broad strokes I kind of see the super early game as Landfill Generation to fill 1-2 chunks, 4 Electrolysers make 24 min, 45 mins to fill to two chunks

  • MOD 016 Bulk Rail Loaders Page 3 Factorio Forums

    Mod 016 Bulk Rail Loaders Page 3 Factorio Forums

    Feb 25, 2018 From the ore crushers the results go into a single warehouse again for distribution. LTN then sends a train to pick up 3000 saphirite 2000 stiratite in a train and those gets loaded. With the loader I would have to pre-sort all the output from the ore crusher and make one station per ore one for crushed stone.

  • Bugs amp FAQ Page 158 Factorio Forums

    Bugs Amp Faq Page 158 Factorio Forums

    Aug 18, 2020 Infinite Ores, Refining, Ore Processing ... Moderator Arch666Angel 3523 posts Page 158 of 177

  • Bugs amp FAQ Page 41 Factorio Forums

    Bugs Amp Faq Page 41 Factorio Forums

    Mar 01, 2017 I just updated my mods after loading up factorio again after a hiatus now on 14.22, and found that I have problems with angels refining 0.5.4 is the latest i can pull from the mod database. in short, the recipes dont work crushed sorting yields nothing, lots of things have the placeholder something went wrong. the geode tree is a good ...

  • 01836 inserter stops working while loading fuel Factorio

    01836 Inserter Stops Working While Loading Fuel Factorio

    Jul 21, 2020 connect to source belt with fuel by more than one inserters. behavior. n-1 inserters are stop working because they are holding fuel. NOK expected behavior. even reaching amount of 5 fuel let inserters insert fuel they are holding. comment. Usual furnace allows to put more than enough fuel if inserters already holding it.

  • GitHub nordeeOreErase Factorio mod that allows you to

    Github Nordeeoreerase Factorio Mod That Allows You To

    Feb 03, 2020 A Factorio mod that allows you to remove ore and other resources from the world. Specifically it removes entities defined as type resource. In vanilla Factorio, resources are iron, copper, coal, stone, oil, and uranium. To use it, open the blueprint library and click on the Ore Eraser item. It functions like a Blueprint or Deconstruction ...

  • Clay Brick factoriorotolme

    Clay Brick Factoriorotolme

    Factorio Data. Home Technology Item Categories Recipe Categories Factoratio ... Ore Crusher Mk 3 1x 10x 5x 10x 1x 5 Advanced Ore Refining 2 Ore Sorting Facility Mk 2 1x 10x 5x 5x 5x 1x 5 Advanced Ore Refining 1 Liquifier Mk 2 1x 10x 5x 5x 10x 1x 5

  • GitHub IceTDrinkerfactoriolegacyoreicons Proper

    Github Icetdrinkerfactoriolegacyoreicons Proper

    Aug 17, 2019 factorio-legacy-ore-icons. Proper Factorio mod to have legacy ore icons on belts

  • GitHub dbeckwithfactorioinfiniteresources Factorio

    Github Dbeckwithfactorioinfiniteresources Factorio

    This is a mod for the game Factorio. It can be downloaded from the Factorio Mod Portal. Description. Makes all resources infinite and not deplete, so their yield will never change. If a resource is not normally infinite, this mod will make it infinite and have 100 yield.

  • GuidesGettingStarted Seablock Wiki Fandom

    Guidesgettingstarted Seablock Wiki Fandom

    12 Burner ore crusher and 1 crystallizer found in the Resource refining tab 1 Offshore pump found in the production tab Before you can place down any buildings youre gonna need to use the sand in your inventory to make yourself a decent sized island, it works just like landfill in vanilla Factorio. click the and - keys to increase the ...

  • pY Coal Processing Discussion Page 9 Factorio Forums

    Py Coal Processing Discussion Page 9 Factorio Forums

    Nov 03, 2016 Using of a Bio Industries mod could become my one and only decision, because this mod allows to get mass production of coal from wood, but i need coal in first time to produce electricity Lets talk about game balance guys, I like difficulties, i like ur solutions , but it is necessary to know borders So the questions

  • GitHub nucleargenfactoriocrossmod Adds cross

    Github Nucleargenfactoriocrossmod Adds Cross

    Mar 05, 2018 Adds cross-support between some other mods. You can use any mix of supported mods. Customizable behaviour through mod settings. Also includes several old simple mods customizable. Contains russian locale for all supported mods. - nucleargenfactoriocrossmod

  • Where are factorio saves and mods located Factorio Realms

    Where Are Factorio Saves And Mods Located Factorio Realms

    Run factorio. Press CtrlShiftEsc. Find factorio in processes tabs Windows 78.1 or details tab Window 10. Right click on factorio process, then click Open file location. Go up and go up again, you will see a directory or shortcut named saves. Just open it. Mods directory is also there.

  • Copper ore Factorio Wiki

    Copper Ore Factorio Wiki

    Copper ore is a basic resource found in resource patches throughout the world. It can be smelted into copper plates in a furnace.. Copper ore is the only source of copper plates, which are one of the two principal raw materials along with iron plates, made from iron ore for crafting the vast majority of items in the game.In the early game, copper is needed in smaller quantities than iron ...

  • reskinsangelschangelogtxt at master 183 kirazyreskins

    Reskinsangelschangelogtxt At Master 183 Kirazyreskins

    ModFactorio Reskins items, entities, and structures within Angels mods to add tier coloring with player-customizable colors. Part of the Artisanal Reskins series. - kirazyreskins-angels ... - Implemented the crystallizer, electrowinning cell, filtration unit, hydro plant, liquifier, ore crusher, ore floatation cell, ore

  • Friday Facts 311 New remnants 3 Factorio

    Friday Facts 311 New Remnants 3 Factorio

    Sep 06, 2019 Another week has elapsed, which brings us another week deeper into the declining weather of autumn. Even more Remnants Albert, Dom, V453000 In FFF-288 we proposed that we are considering multiple approaches to remnants, and in FFF-293, we described that we are choosing the balanced solution which does not obstruct the movement of a player if an entity is destroyed.

  • Factorio


    Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production, and fighting enemies. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, apply management skills to keep it working, and protect it ...

  • Request Ore crusher for a mod Factorio Forums

    Request Ore Crusher For A Mod Factorio Forums

    Oct 08, 2020 Hello Im developing a overhaul mod and I need a ore crusher. crush big ore into small pellets. The spritesheet needs to be 64x64 2 tiles by 2 tiles.

  • Ore Eraser continued Factorio Mods

    Ore Eraser Continued Factorio Mods

    Ore Eraser continued. Base mod credit Tergiver Nordee. A Factorio QOL simple mod that allows you to remove no undo ore and other resources from the world. Specifically it removes entities defined as type resource. In vanilla Factorio, resources are iron, copper, coal, stone, oil, and uranium. Use the Ore

  • Extended Vanilla Ore Refining Factorio Mods

    Extended Vanilla Ore Refining Factorio Mods

    Short description of this mod pack This mod implements some methods for refining your mined ores and augment so the complessive yield. Each tier needs to be unlocked with a technology, and you can upgrade the basic recipes for each tier too, in order to power up the speed or the production the decision is yours.

  • Quarry updated for 018 Factorio Mods

    Quarry Updated For 018 Factorio Mods

    A patched version of Quarry for 0.18.x.. Known Compatibility Issues. Krastorio2 and maybe Krastorio 1 - K2 uses crushers for further processing of some raw resources, and when using Quarry in complex mode the Krastorio crusher and the Quarry extractor use the same recipes, but putting mineral rich stone from Quarry into a Krastorio crusher does nothing since the player cannot select a ...

  • Angels Refining Factorio Mods

    Angels Refining Factorio Mods

    by Arch666Angel Adds ore refining to the game. Compound ores have to be refined before you are able to smelt and cast them into plates. Works best in conjunction with Bobmods and supports additional mods like Yuoki Industries, Uranium Power and Nucular.

  • Extended Angels Factorio Mods

    Extended Angels Factorio Mods

    Added Ore Washing Plant MK3 amp MK4 Added Ore Crusher MK4, Floation Cell MK4, Leaching Plant MK4 amp Ore Refineray MK3 Added Crystallizer and Filitration Unit MK3 Ported the Warehouse Addon Mod and added MK2-MK4 normal warhouses, buffer warehouses MK2-MK4 and tech changes Added Aboretum amp Seed Generators Mk2 amp Mk3 0.2.2

  • Lead Factorio Mods

    Lead Factorio Mods

    This mod adds lead ore to the base game. Lead is an early game resource. Its meant to make the early game a little more challenging without fundamentally changing it. It also adds small amounts of complexity later in the game. Lead can be mined without fluid and by hand. Smelting lead ore will yield lead plates, with copper ore as a byproduct.